12.28.13 (first entry – update to come)

I am a mom of twin girls and I’ve looked forward to this moment in my life for a long time.  Of course I never imagined it would be two at once, but I can’t complain. My husband and I met at the University of Minnesota and we’ve been together for 12 years and married for 6 of those years.  I had an amazing experience as a football and basketball cheerleader – flying high In the sky in front of a huge campus that quickly felt small. Seeing my peers this way was exciting and the doors that opened afterwards gave me great confidence and motivation. I graduated with a degree in Art and Design and studied in Italy for a semester and (of course this makes me extremely worldly) ever since, travel has been something my husband and I truly enjoy together and can’t wait to do it with our girls.  My husband has worked in the financial industry since high school and proudly puts on a suit and tie every morning.  I must say, he looks dashing :). I will blab about him on occasion and it may be sappy at times, so brace yourself.

Our first baby, Riley, came into our lives 7 years ago on valentines day. That’s what happens when you take your new wife to Petsmart to ‘look at puppies’… We just love her and know that the growth of our family has been a little hard on her but she clearly loves her new sisters and would probably lick their faces all day if we let her.

I am a very positive, up beat and out going person but that doesn’t mean this new mama job is easy. I’m so fortunate for the exposure I’ve had throughout my life of wonderful mothers. Not exactly sure where my energy comes from (probably coffee), but I have a good amount of it and when time allows I love to put it towards working out and being creative.  I look forward to signing up for more 5 and 10k’s and maybe even a marathon someday.  Triathlons may be a thing in my past (been there, done that), I wasn’t good and I wasn’t bad but let me tell you… I felt it the next day – both the pride and the pain.

Motherhood is such a fascinating journey and I know it can be hard, wonderful, amazing, stressful, challenging and perfect all at once. The best way for me to fully grasp and embrace this experience is through humor, creativity, faith and trust in myself. I’m excited to use this blog as a piece of my journey.

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