.:3:. where are my other arms?

Evolution:  the change in the inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations (Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 2014).

Ok, please tell me where my other arms are!  What happened over the successive generations of mothers with more than one child that are both in diapers and need to be carried?  We should at least have one more set of arms.  I’m envisioning that this second set of arms would grow in correlation with pregnancy. Couldn’t that surge of hormones be put towards something more productive and functional than crazy emotions? Yes, four arms to help you effectively and efficiently care for more than one baby. Strange vision, I know – but of course it would be a totally normal evolutionary trait.   How is that too much to ask for? After all, we do grow humans.

I have a nice little schedule with my babes, but it is ever changing. It can be a lot of work keeping up with these little growing people! I’m not complaining, simply stating a fact that it can be challenging feeding two babies, carrying two babies, bathing, rocking, changing, and spending quality time with two babies.  It’s not impossible (I’m surviving) but another set of arms would really make life easier.  I think any mother would agree (whether you have one child or you’re another mama with multiples).

Aside from all the wonderful baby products out there that can make life easier, there is just nothing that compares to a mothers arms.  I’ve put one babe in a carrier while the other is in a swing, or both in bouncy seats, both on the floor, in Boppys, in Bumbos…  but once I pick them up and they nestle into the crevice of my elbow – all.is.well.  …Until the other one squawks and demands to be cuddled just the same (and this is where my second set of arms would swiftly swoop up baby #2).

SWIFTLY SWOOP up.  I have to emphasize this because I wish it were that easy. Picture this… Reality: babies playing nicely, one cries, crying baby gets comforted, whilst comforting crying baby other baby cries, continue to rock cryer #1 while shushing both babies and dangling toy over cryer #2, switch babies so #2 gets similar attention, check diapers, message bellies and do bicycle with legs (could be gassy), both babies burb…..  ahhh, all is well.  20 min later it starts again.
Note: I make every effort to ‘swiftly swoop’ while juggling between squirmy, cranky, wiggly babes.

And again I ask, where are my other arms!!!??

I remind myself everyday that it all works out and I get a great workout in!


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