.:4:. always time

As a new parent, my life has truly changed.  I can hardly remember what life was like when it was just me and my husband. I often look back and wonder how we were ever busy, messy, late…  Ha.  times and priorities change so quickly!  It really feels like a distant memory when we slept in and made a big breakfast, went to a movie and decided to get dessert afterwards… because we had no place to be. Or, when we agreed to last minute plans because we knew we could get ready in an hour and there was no need to get home at any certain time.

Something I’ve heard a lot about and I promised myself I would never let happen is, losing that connection with my husband…  Yes, we’ve had some rough times together with late night feedings, inconsolable babies, him having to deal with three crying ladies at times (I’ve never cried so much – thank you hormones).

BUT…There is always time.  Even if it’s just a 10 min cuddle session before we both fall into a deep sleep at night, then before we’re awaken a couple hours later by a baby or two (letting us know that something is ‘terribly wrong’ and we must fix it NOW)!  Or a quick little peck as we pass each other in the midst of preparing bottles, changing diapers, searching for nooks, packing diaper bags, entertaining ‘entertainment hungry’ babies.  Hugs too!  Can’t forget to hug.  Something I really look forward to is a nice hug when my hubby comes home from work.  Not sure if my husband ‘needs’ it as much as me, but he goes with it (which is all I could ask for)…  Hugs from him are like a form a therapy for me.  It’s a moment (even just 10 seconds) to take a break, take a long breath and, thank god he is on this journey with me.

We are always busy now, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have time for each other.   It’s important to remember that making time doesn’t have to take much time… a look, a quick holding of hands, a brief hug.  Even changing diapers and doing dishes together is ‘time together’.  And of course, snuggling with our two little bugs is the best time together.  This new life has opened up a new door to my husband.  I love the man and dad he is becoming.  It is so cool to watch – through joy, tears, sometimes frustration, but mostly love.  Not to be cheesy but (I’m a cheesy person) it really is like falling in love all over again, but in a very different way.  Making time is so important and I have to keep reminding myself that it’s the small things that keep us connected!


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