.:5:. a few requests, please!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if life could be as easy as you imagine it in your own head?  We’ve all had those thoughts that would make OUR life easier – maybe not our neighbor’s or our friend’s or even our husband’s but OURs because we only understand what we need!  It’s really not much, just a few requests.


Starbucks – delivery!:  why doesn’t Starbucks have a delivery service?  Especially for those new moms that are home alone with kiddos during the day and you just haven’t dreamt of tackling the double car seat outing by yourself.  Coffee = gone.  Ugghghhhh, that is just not a great realization at 6am :(.

Target – a drive thru?:  Why not?  I would order the #3: my ‘must have grocery items’, a few things from the dollar section, a couple pairs of leggings in different colors, some mascara, a few sale items from the baby section, and a bag of chips (only from the check out area).  Well, maybe not a bag of chips… actually yes to the chips… nah no chips… agh who cares I’ll take the chips.  I don’t want to hesitate in front of people – why not have someone else do it for me!?

My kind of multi-vitamin: Better yet – a magic pill that I could take and 2 min later I am showered, teeth are brushed, makeup and hair done, and I’ve had a great breakfast… and maybe a nap (that could be a booster).  Jamba Juice blend?  This just (somedays/most days) doesn’t happen.  But, does it really have to happen if I’m not going anywhere and nobody is going to see me?  Ok, the short answer is no.  The long answer is YES, it makes me feel normal.  What if someone were to stop by unexpectedly?  Oh, the horror!

In all reality, we make the best of what we can control.  It’s ok to slip into dreamland on occasion and envision an imaginary land where all of our requests are granted and life is perfect.  What would your crazy request be?  I’d love to hear it – and it would make me feel a little less crazy ;).

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