.:7:. what a gift

Even in the darkest hour when clothes are full of spit up, a shower seems like a dream, coffee is only on the grocery list, emotions run high, and diapers overflow… what a gift it is to be a mom.  This may not enter the mind while in that dark hour, but after the fact, when we have time to reflect while sweet babies sleep and a warm cup of coffee sits in our hands- IT IS ALL WORTH IT!

I don’t wear many nice clothes lately – so, should I really care that I’ve been spit up on?  A shower – definitely overrated.  Coffee… hmm well, I’m beginning to think that the smell of a stinky diaper is somehow laced with caffeine.  Yep, that smell will wake up the entire neighborhood…  A gift – I am giving my babies what they are giving me.  A reciprocal relationship of love, laughter and the innate need for each other.  I understand that not every new mom feels this way, but I believe it is something deep within us.  Some of us find it much sooner than others.


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